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TecPro Cellular Pte Ltd is a distributor and wholesaler of high technology products, specialising in mobile phones, mobile phone accessories and parts. With over a decade of experience in this line, we have built a solid foundation in the mobile phone industry.

During the late 1990s to the early 2000s, the founders of TecPro – the parent company of TecPro Telco – realised that there were many incidents of inferior quality accessories in the market, some damaging enough to cause injury to consumers. Identifying the opportunity and need for a professional presence in this sector, TecPro Telco was established in 2002 to become to leading distributor of mobile phone accessories in Singapore.

After a decade in the mobile phone industry, TecPro moved into mobile phones trading in 2011. An office in Hong Kong was also set up in 2013 to support our growing customer base in North Asia.



We may be the only company in
Singapore that sells this wide a
range of accessories


We provide excellent sales
and after sales service.


We sell only original products and stake our
reputation on this. We ensure every item is
closely quality-checked by our team of
experts so only products of the highest
quality make it to the hands of consumers.


We offer the most competitive
price level in the market and
are well known for this.